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Frequently Asked Questions


How many kilometers are included in the price?
There is an unlimited number of km included in the price which is given at the end of the order process.

What is the deductible in case of an accident?
The deductable is 330.000 ISK. However we offer extra insurance to lower or eliminate the deductable.

What kind of extra insurance can I purchase?
CDW  Collision damage waiver INCLUDED
Price: 0 ISK

CDW insurance is included in the price which limits the lessee´s/driver´s liability to a certain amount. Self-risk is 330.000 ISK
The renter is always responsible for the following damages, which are not covered by insurance: e.g. negligence, driving while intoxicated, damage to tires, headlights, wind screen and the underside of the car, damage caused by loose rocks which get thrown at the car on gravel roads, holes burned into seats, carpets or mats, damages to the engine of the car, personal belongings being stolen, lost or damaged. :

SCDW Insurance (super collision damage waiver)
Price: 1.300,00 ISK
 The renter can purchase separate SCDW (SPECIAL COLLISION DAMAGE WAIVER) insurance and by doing so lower the self-risk of CDW further down. Self-risk is 45.000

All insurance In One Package
Price: 2.500 ISK
All extra insurances are included in this package (Super Collision Damage Waiver, Gravel Protection, Sand and Ash Protection, Theft Protection). Self-risk is 45.000 ISK

GP Gravel Protection
Price: 1200 ISK
Gravel protection (GP) covers damages to wind screen, headlights and body of the car when gravel or rocks get thrown at the vehicle by another car. Self-risk is 0 ISK

SAP Sand and Ash Protection
Price: 1.200 ISK
No regular car insurance covers damage from ash or sandstorm. The damage to paint, glass and plastic parts, wheels and chromes of the vehicle can be very costly, up to ISK 1.650.000. Therefore we offer an extra insurance covering these damages. Self-risk is 70.000 ISK

You can read further information regarding insurances here.

How does the pickup service work?

Shuttle service is free of charge in the Reykjavik area. We can pick you up at Reykjavik Airport, BSÍ or any hotel in the capital area. We drive you up to our offices at Skemmuvegur 4a where you get your vehicle. When you return the car we drive you back to one of the above locations. If you need to be picked up or dropped off at Keflavík Airport you will be charged is 4.900 ISK.

Where can I pickup my car?
Our cars are always handed over at our offices located at Skemmuvegur 4a (Blá gata), Kópavogi. Further instructions on how to get there are found here.

Do I need to return the car full of gas?
Our price list assumes that you return the car full of gas. If our employees need to fill the car, you will be charged extra for the gas and a service fee.

Do you provide long-term rental agreements?
Indeed we do, please contact us via telephone+354 578 8200 or email ( and we will give you a great deal.

How do I cancel an order ?
Contact us via telephone +354 578 8200 or email ( and we will help you.

Where can I get a childrens‘ car seat?
We have car seats for kids weighting  0 – 18 kg that you can rent for only 380 ISK per day.

Can I contact you if I have any problems during my rental period?
Yes you can. We have an emergency phone number +354 698 8200 where our employees are happy to help you 24/7.